Three Common Problems Associated with Ageing ageing As we grow older, we become more vulnerable to various health problems that can affect our lifestyle, quality of life and health.

bakeka incontri pg However, there are also a number of surgeries and treatments available that can treat these problems and help us live long healthy lives. How to be healthy?

At Glasses Experts, we look at three common health problems associated with ageing and what treatments are available to tackle them.


As we grow older, a cataract is quite often a side effect of ageing. This is caused by a clouding or blur within the natural lens of our eye.

This leads to blurred vision, increased glare and losing the ability to tell colours apart.

If you’ve noticed that you have any of these problems, cataract surgery is available to help combat these effects. There are a number of eye clinics that are professionals and experts when it comes to offering this type of medical procedure.


A hip replacement is another common surgical procedure amongst older people.

This surgery is often needed when the hip joint has been damaged or worn. This gradually causes pain when resting and heavily reduces your own mobility.

There are a number of benefits for hip replacement. Modern artificial hip joints are designed to last for several years and greatly help reduce pain and improve your movement once more.


As we get older, it’s incredibly common for our knee joints to be worn, damaged or diseased.

Knee replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, replaces the damaged knee with an artificial joint.

The main aim of a knee replacement is to help restore your lifestyle, improve your quality of health and reduce any pain or discomfort you may experience as you get older. Read more.