Our Vision at How to be Healthy

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Shively Our vision at How to Be Healthy is to inspire you to dramatically improve your health and wellness through making steady, consistent changes to your lifestyle.

Unlike crash diets, or drastic sudden changes and fad diets, by making steady improvement you ensure a permanent improvement takes place.

Improve Your Lifestyle

With an improved lifestyle, including diet, exercise and positive thinking, you can expect increased levels of energy, clearer thinking, and easier movement, more flexibility, healthier skin, more muscle, less weight and other health benefits.   Find out about losing weight.

But better health will ONLY happen if you apply changes over an extended period of time.  Diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart problems seldom occur overnight – and neither does health.

Health is a way of life, a process – which can be learned and applied.

Maintain Your Health with Regular Checkups

Have Your Eyes Regularly Tested

It is important to have regular eye tests as your optician will be able to pick up on any eye conditions at their earliest stages. Your eye test will be able to show if you need a different prescription or if you need glasses for the first time.

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A sight test will define your level of vision and if glasses are needed to correct your sight.

Frequent Dental Appointments

For any ‘normal’ patient, we recommend visiting the dentist every six months; however you may have to visit more frequently if your dentist is keeping an eye on a particular thing. Make an appointment with your dentist.

A dental check up allows your dentist to pick up on any potential problems, ensuring that your mouth is kept as healthy as possible. Without treatment, these problems can get worse.

During your dental check-up, your dentist will examine your teeth, gums and mouth. They may also give you advice on ways to properly clean and look after your teeth.


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