How to Perfect Your Makeup Whilst Wearing Glasses

Wearing makeup when you have glassesWearing glasses can make you feel less confident and slightly insecure. Making your eyes and facial features pop is one of the best ways of looking confident to others. Continue reading to find out what tips we have in store for you. can you buy gabapentin online Choose the right frame for your face.

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are a girl’s best friend, especially when they are a spec wearer. Curling your lashes will help to open up your eyes, as well as preventing long lashing touching the lenses. See: Tried + tested curlers.

Eyebrow Shape

Whilst your glasses frame your eyes, your eyebrows need to frame the glasses. We recommend having your eyebrows microbladed for long lasting, stunning looking brows. This will fill in any sparse areas, as well as having an eyebrow shape that works perfectly with your glasses. Micro-shading is another popular treatment. Click here.

Apply Eyeliner

There are many ways you can use eyeliner to open up your eyes. One of the most popular ways is by apply a nude or white liner on your lower waterline. This really helps to make them pop. How to.

Another way is to apply soft eyeliner on your lid. When applied correctly, this can elongate and extend your eyes, making you look even more beautiful. See tips here.

You can also match your eyeliner to your specs. A bold line works better with a thicker frame, whereas a thinner line works well with a rimless style glasses. You can also create a stunning cat-eye effect when wearing a cat style frame. Find out more.

Make an Impact

Create a huge impact by applying a statement lip that clashes with the colour of your glasses. For example, with a red frame, try a pink/nude lipstick. This will make you look for glamorous.

Find the most flattering lip colour for you. See here.

Please contact Glasses Experts for more ideas and advice on how to confidently wear your glasses.