Fully rimmed glasses


Continuous innovation and improvements to prescription glasses have led to the development of three different kinds of prescription glasses. Classified as fully rimmed, semi rimmed and rimless, these glasses have their own set of advantages and drawbacks and a proper knowledge of them will ensure that you pick up the right kind which will suit your requirements and your looks the most.

buy Lyrica 50 mg Fully rimmed prescription glasses, as the name suggests, are glasses with a rim around the lenses. This helps in protecting the lenses, while the famous designer brands use the rim to display flamboyant designs and unorthodox shades of colour. Though considered a little heavier than the other two, fully rimmed glasses are the preferred choice for those who want to put on a trendy look and are willing to experiment with colours. This is why, fully rimmed glasses are such a hot favourite among the college going users. The latest trend of the retro-inspired designs ensures that fully rimmed glasses are here to stay.

For a strikingly professional looks, semi rimless glasses are the way to go. Merging the advantages of the fully rimmed glasses with the benefits of rimless spectacles, semi rimless glasses have become one of the most preferred choices. The rim gives your lenses protection while the, semi nature of its design, adds a dynamic edge to your looks. On top of that, the weight of the pairs is lower than that of the fully rimmed frames. Due to the sleek nature of the design, semi rimless glasses are generally preferred by the businessmen and other professionals. Many manufacturers are now designing semi rimless spectacles using different kinds of materials, adding a fashionable touch to the professional appeal.

Considered to be the lightest type of prescription glasses, rimless frames undeniably offer the most comfortable eyewear experiences. The absence of the rim makes this pair inconspicuous and thus, does not change your appearance much. The different shapes of the lenses play a major role in deciding the appeal of the pair. Obviously, the lack of the rim means that the lenses have no protection, but still, they are on the high end of the prices because of their comfort factor.

Knowing the differences of these three kinds, will help you in choosing the prescription glasses you want to purchase. The cheapest options and the most exhaustive catalogues are available on the online stores selling prescription glasses and thus, these stores are the best place to start your search.