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Eyeware for special vision safety


As the prescription glasses have become more than vision requirements, and are now used to flaunt a high fashion sense, it is easy to forget that they can offer invaluable safety to your vision as well. Prescription glasses now – a – days are available with various coatings which provide your vision safety and ensure a better vision.

http://goodvibeswebsitedesign.co.uk/blog/category/uncategorized/ One of the coatings on the glasses is invariably ultra-violet coating. This coating protects your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. This powerful coating comprise of a dark tint which gets darker when the concentration of the UV rays is high and vice versa. As the time we spent outdoors has increased, coupled with the depleting ozone layer, UV coating has become an absolute necessity for the prescription glasses. In fact, this tint also helps in a better view, especially when you are engaged in outdoor sports. Thus, safety on the playground is ensured.

Another coating which offers your eyes protection is the anti – scratch coating. Not only does anti – scratch coating increases the life of the pair, but it also protects your eyes from harsh objects and pollutants in the air. This coating is particularly useful when you are riding a bike at a high speed.

While driving at night, eyesight suffers the worst, due to the erratic flashing of bright light from passing cars and headlights on your eyes. This is dangerous too, as it hampers your vision and thereby your driving too. Anti – glare coating on the prescription glasses reduce the glare of the light, which results in more light entering your eyes and offering you a better vision. Anti – glare coating also helps, with the UV coating, in decreasing the harmful impact of the UV rays, as they are known to get reflected by the even the softest of surfaces.

People who often go outdoors may expose their eyes to pollutants or other dusts in the air. For this, some related protective eye wear are ideal alternatives. These eye wear can ensure not only that wearers eyes will not be damaged by the dust, but also their vision will not be affected. In addition, some of these frames can be fitted into different lenses, which are used for particular purposes.

Presently, with the surge in the number of online stores selling prescription glasses, the price of the prescription glasses have gone unbelievably low. Most of the prescription glasses are available now – a – days with these coatings at no additional charges.