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Conceptions in the world of prescription glasses have changed. Even hundred years back, all the prescription glasses manufactured and crafted used to have the same looks, designs and aesthetics. Fortunately, with the advancement of design and science, and by the continuous endorsement of the celebrities, prescription glasses have become a fashion accessory with enough options to suit any requirement, look and style. And among the various kinds of prescription glasses, the one which receives the maximum attention and respect is the range of designer glasses. When compared to the regular prescription glasses, designer glasses offer you the best of looks, comfort and quality. Using the experience and the skill of renowned designers, these designer glasses offer peerless looks, while exhibiting the signature look of the brands which distinguishes them from each other. Plus the designer glasses cover a wide spectrum of designs and colours, which ensure that irrespective of the face shape, you will find a designer pair which enhances your looks. On top of that, these fashion houses also experiment with designs and colours resulting in completely original designer pairs. If you want to try trendy and unorthodox look, designer glasses are the way to go. The materials used for manufacturing these designer glasses are of the highest quality as these famous designer brands have a reputation for providing durability and it is consistently maintained in all their creations. Apart from the light-weight acetate and metal, the designer brands also use titanium and other unorthodox elements like wood to craft these designer glasses.

Though the designer glasses are way popular than the rest of the prescription glasses, many buyers shy away from them because of the belief which they held about the high prices of the designer glasses. While there is merit in the fear, the designer glasses are on the higher end of the price range, there is a way to buy them at really affordable rates. One thing these buyers overlook is the fact that the high prices which they want to avoid are only applicable at the physical retail stores. At these stores, apart from the original cost of the designer glasses, the cost of the overheads and expenses are also added, leading to higher rates. To solve this issue, try browsing the collection at the online stores. Due to the lack of any overhead and the rising competition from other online stores, the prices of designer glasses at these websites are way lower than the retail stores. So much so, that in the budget which you had set aside to buy a designer pair from any retail store, you can purchase almost three designer pairs at online stores.