Bifocal glasses v varifocal glasses

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Apart from the single lenses prescription glasses, there are other two variants which have quite popular among the users. When a person is suffering from more than one visual disorder, it necessitates the presences of more than one focal point on the lenses. This has given birth to the concept of bifocal glasses and varifocal glasses.

Qīr Moāv Bifocal lenses have lenses divided into two different halves with both of them having different focus. The upper half is used to view the objects situated at a distance while the lower half acts like reading glasses and assists in seeing nearby objects. With the advent of the designer brands in the world of bifocal glasses, the look and feel of these spectacles has started changing too. These collections exhibit a whole range of colours, increasing your choices and allowing you to select the bifocal pair that portrays your look the most. Apart from the colours, there are different materials too which are used to manufacture the bifocal glasses. For example, metallic glasses and golden colour exude an unmistakable aristocratic charm. While the vibrant colours works best on the acetate frames.

While purchasing bifocal glasses, one should pay proper attention to the weight of the pair. Bifocal glasses are known for their heavier structures and this can be solved by the use of the light-weight materials while manufacturing these glasses.

Until the innovation of varifocal glasses, bifocal glasses were the only solution to the patients who were suffering from both myopia and hyperopia. The lenses of these bifocal glasses were composed of two different lenses resulting in the final lenses to be thick and heavy. Obviously, it led to an uncomfortable eyewear experience and it was not possible to wear this pair for too long on a stretch. Varifocal glasses cleverly solved this issue, thanks to the developments in the designing of prescription glasses. Varifocal glasses have different focal points on the lenses with the noticeable absence of any lines to divide the sections. The uppermost mast has the least focus with the gradual increasing towards the bottom. The intermediate region is used for looking at objects which are situated at an average length, and are of great help while working on computers. And just like regular prescription glasses, these varifocal glasses are available in all three kinds of frames – fully rimmed, semi rimless and rimless.