Protecting your eyes

The rising usage of computer has undoubtedly led to an increase of vision disorders. This is partly due to the fact that the brain reacts differently to words appearing on a screen than to the words printed on a paper. Apart from the looking at the bright computer screen for hours, incorrect set up and lighting are also known to cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Most common symptoms of CVS are blurred vision, headache, eye strain, dry eyes, and difficulty focusing the eyes at various distances, double vision and light sensitivity.

There are different ways to reduce the chances of computer vision syndrome. The easiest way is to after regular intervals blink your eyes for almost half a minute. This effectively keeps your eyes moist. Another simple exercise is to concentrate at objects at various distances. First, try to see an object which is located little further from you. Look at it for few seconds and then try to view an object which is located very close. And then repeat this exercise for few times. This helps in taking care of the ciliary muscles. There is also a popular 20/20/20 rule which is fast gaining in popularity. This rule states that every 20 minutes; focus on any object which is situated almost 20 feet away from you. And you need to concentrate on it for 20 seconds.

You can also use computer glasses to protect your eyes while using computer. These glasses can get customised to your prescription and offers more comfort and protection than regular prescription glasses, while you are working on a computer screen. There are generally three types of computer glasses available. Single vision computer glasses are simple to use and they are designed for computer use only. Objects situated at a distance or too close cannot be seen clearly with these glasses. Flat-top bifocals have the properties of normal bifocal glasses and have lenses which are divided into halves. The computer screen is seen through the first half while the lower half is used for viewing nearby objects. The final kind of computer glasses are the varifocal computer glasses which have segments at the top and the bottom parts which are used to view objects situated at distance and nearer objects respectively. The whole intermediate area of the lenses can be used for computer use. But before purchasing the computer glasses ensure that you have an updated prescription from a trained professional.