Glasses with a smaller frame

Prescription glasses have become part of the style statements since last few years. Smaller glasses frames are the new trend as more and more glasses are flaunting a style with smaller rims and lenses. Even the collections of glasses online are now exhibiting prescription glasses with smaller designs. Generally smaller glasses frames were reserved for reading glasses only. But as more and more users started desiring the sleek look, reminiscent of the rimless design, prescription glasses with smaller frames started gaining prominence.

Smaller prescription glasses offer the user a light-weight option, so that they can wear it ideally for long daily hours. These glasses frames are also preferred by those who don’t want to change their appearance much. When the smaller glasses are combined with a thin rim design, they almost become inconspicuous.

In case you are wondering whether smaller glasses frames cover all the three kinds of frame styles, you will be pleasantly surprised that they do. In case of the full rimmed prescription glasses, these smaller glasses help to reduce the weight of the overall glasses frames. This is a boon, considering that full rimmed glasses are known to be the heaviest among the prescription glasses. Semi rimless and rimless glasses have for long flaunted smaller designs, and this reduction is design increases the sleekness of the prescription glasses one already associates themselves with them.

Even prescription glasses from designer brands, popularly known as the ‘designer glasses’, have started manufacturing glasses with smaller frames. These glasses frames smartly carry the same individualistic style these brands are renowned for, and they offer a premium quality too, which increases the longevity of your eyewear experience. Designer brands like Givenchy, Escada, Ray Ban and many more have launched prescription glasses which combine the reading glasses effect along with the stylish textures and colours.

Smaller glasses frames are also the best option when purchasing prescription glasses for kids. Since carrying weighty glasses can prove really uncomfortable for children, the prescription glasses with a smaller design can prove really beneficial. There is one caveat which needs to be mentioned here: before deciding on a pair of small glasses, you must consult an eye doctor and be ensured that the prescription will suit the small style. There are few prescriptions which require thicker lenses and a small design might not be suitable for holding those lenses. Once you are sure that it is alright to purchase glasses frames with smaller designs, try the collections of glasses online, to get yourself prescription glasses at the lowest prices.